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Austin Strikers is a soccer club based in Austin, Texas, that was founded in 2005 by a group of Malayalee friends. Initially, their main goal was to get together and play soccer while providing a fun and safe environment for their children to run around. Over time, the group grew in size and began to compete in local leagues and tournaments, eventually forming a full-fledged soccer club that has become a staple of the Austin soccer scene. With a focus on community and a love for the game, the Austin Strikers continue to represent the rich cultural diversity of Austin while competing at the highest levels of local soccer.

In 2021, Austin Strikers organized a highly successful soccer tournament that featured over 10 teams from around the area. The tournament was a celebration of the love of soccer and brought together players of all ages and backgrounds to compete in a friendly yet competitive atmosphere. One of the unique features of the tournament was the introduction of a 7's tournament for players above the age of 35. This was the first time such a tournament had been organized in North America, and it proved to be a huge hit with players and spectators alike. The tournament was a showcase of the organization and dedication of the Austin Strikers, who worked tirelessly to ensure that everything ran smoothly. From scheduling matches to arranging for food and drinks, the Austin Strikers left no stone unturned in their efforts to make the tournament a success. Looking ahead, the Austin Strikers are gearing up to host the North American Malayalee Soccer League tournament. This promises to be an even bigger event, featuring teams from across North America competing for the title of champions. With their proven track record of organizing successful tournaments, the Austin Strikers are sure to deliver an unforgettable experience for players and fans alike.